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Tailored Exercise Programs in Cranston

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The Weight and Wellness Institute provides tailored exercise programs and related weight management services in Cranston, RI. Call us at 401-895-9937 to make an appointment for a consultation.

What Are Tailored Exercise Programs?

At The Weight and Wellness Institute, our exercise physiologists develop safe and effective exercise programs for all our patients, regardless of their medical conditions. These exercise programs are customized taking into consideration medical conditions and specific needs of the patient.

Benefits of Tailored Exercise Programs

Exercise physiologists create tailored programs that consider your age, weight loss goals, body shape, and existing injuries. These programs can help you start a healthy exercise routine even if you have never worked out.

Tailored programs offer not only physical benefits but also mental and emotional benefits. Working out with an instructor can teach physical activity skills and help patients cope with the emotional aspect of weight loss.

Going to the gym without assistance can be intimidating, and many people who want to lose weight feel self-conscious. Getting started with a lifelong exercise habit in a safe, friendly environment presents significant benefits. A tailored exercise program and professional guidance make starting a healthy exercise plan more accessible.with a goal of exercise becoming an ongoing component of the patient’s healthy lifestyle.

Programs Offered

We offer programs for patients of all ability levels. Regardless of physical limitations and the weight they need to lose, our exercise physiologists can work with them to create the best possible exercise plan.

Why Choose The Weight and Wellness Institute?

We offer a multi-pronged approach to weight loss that helps you lose weight and keep it off. Even if you have a weight-related medical condition like diabetes, our programs can help you achieve a healthier body and a more active lifestyle.

Our qualified exercise physiologists have great experience crafting workout plans for people at all levels. These workout plans are safe, inclusive, and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tailored Exercise Programs

Here are questions posed by our patients:

How does exercise assist in weight loss?

Physical activity increases your body's calorie burn. Exercise helps to create a "calorie deficit" defined by burning more calories than you eat, resulting in weight loss. Exercise not only helps with a calorie deficit but also bears significant mental and emotional benefits that make weight loss easier.

What can exercise do for me besides helping me lose weight?

Weight loss may be a significant goal for our patients, but it is not the only positive outcome of physical activity.

Physical activity reduces your risk of cardiovascular conditions like type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure. Exercise may also be associated with a lower risk of many types of cancer.

Exercise helps to reduce the pain that comes with arthritis and increases mobility. It helps people reduce their risk of falls and osteoporosis.

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Under medical supervision, you can learn to work out safely and increase your metabolism. We create specialized exercise plans for our patients and help them work out in a group or individual setting. Call us at 401-895-9937 to make an appointment for a consultation.

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