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Weight Management Programs in Cranston

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The Weight and Wellness Institute provides medical weight management programs and related services in Cranston, RI. Call us at 401-895-9937 to make an appointment for a consultation.

What Are Weight Management Programs?

Weight management programs provide individualized strategies, education and treatment as you embark upon your weight loss journey. Specialists design plans tailored to you, help you carry them out and provide the resources needed for successful weight control.

Weight management programs include guidance on creating a healthy, lower-calorie diet, physical activity plans, and support for positive habit changes. They may also include dietary food replacements, nutritional supplements and medication.

Benefits of a Weight Management Program

Weight management programs make navigating the difficulty of changing your lifestyle easier. Rather than going it alone with an app or fad diet, a medically supervised comprehensive weight management program makes it much more likely that you will lose weight and learn to keep it off safely.

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Services Offered

Here are the four program types we offer:

Full Liquid Diet Weight Management

The Full Liquid Diet  Weight Management program uses Optifast meal replacement supplements, with a complete liquid diet as the first phase of treatment.

We created this program for those who want to lose up to 75 or more pounds. The average weekly weight loss is between two and five pounds. The program is typically 20 weeks long, Length of treatment may be customized depending on your needs.

The program offers weekly medical visits, weekly individual sessions or group meetings, ongoing meetings with nutrition counselors, and exercise physiology consultations.

Partial Liquid Diet  Weight Management

This program features one daily meal of solid food in addition to the use of liquid supplements. Patients may lose up to two to four pounds per week and the program typically runs  20-weeks. Length of treatment may be customized depending on your needs.. Patients who want to lose up to 40 to 100 pounds may find this program helpful.

The program offers the same nutrition and exercise consultations and weekly group meetings as the full fast group.

All Food Weight Management Program

This program does not use liquid supplements. Instead, it depends on regular solid food. It is a 20-week program appropriate for people who want to lose 20 to 40 pounds or more. Weekly, patients can expect to lose about one to two pounds. The program incorporates counseling, nutrition, and exercise help as well.The length of this program may be customized depending on your needs.

Diabetes Program

The programs tailored for people with diabetes are similar to the partial fast or all food weight management programs. This 20-week program is safe for people with diabetes to follow. The target weight loss is between 20 and 100 pounds or more.

Meal replacement options may come into play in the Diabetes Program, depending on the patient's weight loss goal and individual health.

Like our other programs, the length of treatment in the Diabetes Program may be customized according to your needs.

Why Choose The Weight and Wellness Institute?

When it comes to weight loss, every person is unique. We created an interdisciplinary team to help you overcome barriers to weight loss. Medical providers work with dietary, exercise, and behavioral experts to create weight-loss plans that work for you as an individual.

Our science-backed programs can help people who struggle to lose weight and keep it off. When you receive our comprehensive medical, behavioral, and exercise-related support, you will likely meet your weight loss goals and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Management Programs

Here are our patients' common questions about weight management:

Will I be expected to follow a specific meal plan?

Our dietitians will help you create a targeted meal plan. In some cases, these plans may involve unique meal-replacement products from Optifast.

Do your programs involve exercise?

Yes, our programs integrate exercise. You will meet with an exercise physiologist to develop and safe and appropriate exercise regimen based on your abilities. You will also meet with the exercise physiologist ongoingly to ensure you stay on track.

How do I keep from regaining the weight?

We offer maintenance programs for those who have reached their weight loss goals.

Continuing in the maintenance program for most patients is very important for long term success.

Is medical weight loss safe for patients with diabetes?

When adequately supervised by trained medical providers, patients with diabetes can safely lose weight. Patients with diabetes have specific requirements that our professionals understand.

Can I talk to a counselor if I have questions or problems?

Behavioral care is an integral part of our program. We understand that the lifestyle change that comes with weight loss can be challenging. Trained counselors can help you with your needs.

Call The Weight and Wellness Institute

If you are interested in losing significant weight but don't know how to begin, one of our medical weight management programs may be right for you. We can help to walk you through your options and connect you with experts in the field.

Call us at 401-895-9937 to inquire about our services.

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