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Weight Management Groups in Cranston

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The Weight and Wellness Institute provides weight management group meetings and related services in Cranston, RI. Call us at 401-895-9937 to make an appointment for a consultation.

What Are Weight Management Groups?

Group sessions provide a method of treating patients who are in the process of losing weight. Qualified facilitators meet with groups of patients on a recurring basis. Topics related to weight control and health are discussed following a planned curriculum. There is also motivational discussion, problem solving and peer discussion.  

Benefits of Weight Management Groups

Professional and peer  support is beneficial for patients from all backgrounds. Being supported by your treatment team and fellow patients will contribute to improving your weight loss and keep it off. 

People who try to lose weight may often encounter similar challenges. Sharing these challenges with peers and trained facilitators enables people to problem-solve and gives them emotional support.

Groups Offered

Here is a sample of the groups we offer at The Weight and Wellness Institute:

Diabetic Weight Management Program

Patients with diabetes encounter a unique set of challenges when they are trying to lose weight. The Diabetic Program provides diabetes education, specific nutritional education and support, behavioral intervention and close medical monitoring taking into consideration the needs and the specific medical treatment of the diabetic patient.  The goal is to achieve better control of diabetes while helping to improve health and wellness of patients suffering from diabetes.

Emotional Eating

Food is not just about fueling the body. Many people eat for emotional reasons. Our Emotional Eating group provides solutions to this problem and offers essential peer support.

Why Choose The Weight and Wellness Institute?

Our medical approach to weight loss means that you will be more likely to lose and maintain weight in the future. We use a scientific approach when confronting the challenges of weight loss. We offer group meetings where people can share their personal experiences and receive help from professionals and peers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Management Groups

Here are several questions posed by our patients:

Do weight management groups make a difference to my chance of success?

Studies have found that overweight people who participated in support groups were more likely to lose weight safely. A combination of peer support and professional guidance is most effective.

What makes weight management groups effective?

When people feel supported, they have an easier time following up with lifestyle changes. Having an active peer group going through the same changes gives people the strength to face challenging situations.

What should I do if I am nervous in group meetings?

Give it time. The shift from thinking about body weight as a personal failing and a problem to be solved can be difficult. You may not feel ready to share with your group immediately, but you can build trust over time.

Who leads weight management groups?

Trained professional staff lead our meetings and can answer any questions you may have. Our groups meet regularly and help to bring a sense of fellowship to our patients.

Call The Weight and Wellness Institute

We tailor our weight management groups to you and your needs, whether you have diabetes, another medical condition, or use emotional eating to cope. Call us at 401-895-9937 to make an appointment and start your journey toward better overall health.

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