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Patient Out-of-Pocket Responsibilities

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In order to facilitate efficient delivery of service, The Weight and Wellness Institute requires that patients have an up-to-date credit or debit card on file. This credit card will be used for copayments, or if you are not using insurance to pay for treatment, for treatment fees. The card will be billed after services are rendered, typically within 48 hours. The credit or debit card may also be used to charge for missed appointments if you do not give 48 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment.


Patents are responsible for any copays or applicable deductibles, depending on insurance coverage. You can typically find this information on the front of your insurance card, or you can call your insurance carrier for more information.

$40 Monthly Program Fee

The weight and wellness institute charges a $40 monthly fee to participate in our weight loss program. This fee covers the coordination of care by our multidisciplinary team, any time spent with our exercise physiologist, as well as the twice monthly group sessions. This charge is billed monthly through Tebra.


Optifast supplements are not covered by insurance but may potentially be covered by HSA/FSAs. You may contact your savings account administrator to confirm coverage. Average costs depend on what program you will be following as well as body type and activity level. Your specific number of Optifast servings needed will be determined by our clinical team at your initial evaluation. Examples as of March 2024 have been provided below (tax not included):

*A Partial Fast plan consisting of 3 servings of Optifast per day, replacing Breakfast and Lunch.

   Ready-to-drink shakes = Cost per day $14.44

   Powdered mix = Cost per day $10.35

*A Full Fast plan consisting of 2 High Protein(HP) serving and 3 normal servings, replacing all meals throughout the day.

   Powdered mix + HP powdered mix = Cost per day $20.85

   Ready-to-drink shakes + HP powdered mix = Cost per day $24.94

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