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Are Weight Management Programs Covered By Insurance?

August 17, 2023
Are Weight Management Programs Covered By Insurance?

Many insurance policies cover at least part of the cost of weight management programs. Whether you receive comprehensive coverage may depend on your policy and whether your body weight contributes to a serious medical condition like diabetes or high blood pressure.

What Is a Weight Management Program?

A weight management program is a medically supervised system that supports patients of all ages as they lose weight. These programs provide better and more permanent results than losing weight on your own without a medical team's support.


When you take advantage of a medical weight management program like the Weight and Wellness Institute, you will benefit from support from physicians, behaviorists, dietitians, nurses, and exercise specialists. You can meet with your peers in group settings to share your experiences and receive help with weight management strategies. You may also be a candidate for Optifast, our medically approved, very low-calorie meal replacement system.


Diabetes presents its own set of weight management challenges. Specialized programs for patients with diabetes are also available. Diabetes management programs include nutritional, exercise, behavioral, and medical counseling services.

Benefits of a Weight Management Program

  • Safe and nutritionally sound
  • More effective than fad diets or over-the-counter supplements
  • Emphasizes the importance of exercise as it relates to weight management
  • Focuses on permanent lifestyle change
  • Treats the whole person, not just a number on the scale
  • Offers peer support through weight management groups
  • Provides behavioral health support as well as medical care

Insurance Coverage

Your insurance coverage for weight management may vary based on the individual details of your medical policy. If you meet the medical guidelines for obesity, you are more likely to receive coverage from certain insurers.


If you need to know what specific weight management services your medical insurance covers, please call your insurer or visit their website to review policy documents. You may also wish to speak with your employer's human resources team for more details. Our skilled office staff can also help you file claims and navigate the insurance system to get the necessary benefits.

Losing the Weight and Keeping It Off

If you want to change your body weight but don't know where to start, we can help you. Weight loss doesn't happen overnight and may seem like an uphill battle. When you have a medical support team, you will feel better about the process.

For patients who have reached their target weight, we have maintenance programs that focus on making new habits permanent. Participating in these programs will make you more likely to adopt a healthy mindset well into the future.

Call the Weight and Wellness Institute

You can change your life and move forward for a healthier future. Please call our Cranston, RI, office at 401-895-9937 for further information or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.


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