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The Role of Professional Guidance

March 31, 2024
The Role of Professional Guidance

Anyone can show up at a gym, buy some exercise equipment, or just start exercising to a YouTube video at any point. While these actions are certainly steps in the right direction for someone who wants to lose weight, they may not be the best steps for a unique individual to take.

Exercise and fitness are unique and personal to each person on a health or weight loss journey. For example, an exercise plan that works extremely well for one client, likely won't work at all for various other clients.

Our exercise physiologist Can Customize Your Plan

Everyone is different, requiring a customized plan to help them meet their weight loss goals. Most people don’t know enough on their own about exercise and health to completely customize a plan that will suit their needs. This is where the professional guidance of an exercise physiologist comes in.

When developing your exercise program, your exercise physiologist will consider several different factors, including the following, in order to help meet all of your needs and help you be successful in your goals.

Your Fitness Level

Our exercise physiologist will test your baseline fitness levels, including your cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and overall health, when creating your exercise program. Establishing a baseline gives a trainer an understanding of your starting point and your potential for progress. Your baseline fitness level can help you and your trainer create realistic and timely goals.

Your Current Health and Medical Conditions

Be sure to tell your trainer about any existing medical conditions or injuries you have. This allows them to choose exercises that are both safe and beneficial—exercises that won't exacerbate any injuries or conditions, but will still benefit you and help you reach your goals.

Your Lifestyle

Your preferences and lifestyle are also key factors in creating a successful personalized exercise program. As much as possible, our exercise physiologists will incorporate the types of exercises their clients enjoy, as they know that clients are more likely to stick with an exercise program, if it’s something they enjoy doing. They will also account for your schedule, how much time you have to exercise, and your access to exercise equipment or facilities.

Your Fitness and Weight Loss Goals

Your ex phys should fully understand your fitness and weight loss goals. An exercise program will look much different between a client who wants to build muscle mass and one who wants to lose 100 pounds. By understanding your unique goals, the trainer can build the right exercises to meet them into your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Training

Who Can Benefit from Personal Training?

The personal training experience is ideal for anyone who seeks accountability and a defined path to reach their optimal health, fitness, or weight loss goals. Anyone can benefit from personal training and exercise programs that are customized to their specific medical conditions and needs.

Does Exercise Contribute to Weight Loss?

There’s no denying that increased physical activity increases the body's calorie burn. Exercise creates a "calorie deficit" – which is what happens when you burn more calories than you eat. A calorie deficit typically results in weight loss. Physical exercise not only produces a calorie deficit but it also provides several mental and emotional benefits that make weight loss easier.


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