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How Exercise Evaluation Can Lead to Better Results

April 23, 2024
How Exercise Evaluation Can Lead to Better Results

If you have ever tried to lose weight or improve your fitness before, you know that doing so doesn't just happen overnight or by accident. It takes dedication and careful planning. Part of the careful planning should include exercise evaluation. Having an exercise evaluation at the beginning of your weight loss journey and routinely throughout can lead to better results for many reasons.

Better Results with Exercise Evaluations

Exercise evaluations can help you identify your current fitness level and strengths and weaknesses, as well as establish goals for your weight loss and fitness program. In turn, it can help you stay motivated and on track to improve your health and drop those unwanted pounds.

Here are some ways exercise evaluation can help you get better results:

  • Set goals: You can learn more about your body and create more specific goals that are beneficial for your overall health. You can clarify short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals. Clearly defined goals can provide motivation to get better results.
  • Establish training needs: You can identify areas of improvement and compare your progress over time to the initial assessment. Being able to see and measure your progress can also help motivate you and lead to better weight loss results.
  • Determine appropriate exercise intensity: You can establish appropriate intensities and durations of exercise. By fine-tuning your exercise, you can make it more effective.
  • Identify areas of potential injury: You can identify areas of injury prior to program initiation. Knowing the potential can help you avoid injury and keep you on track to meet your weight loss goals.

You can consider scheduling a fitness assessment as part of your regular wellness routine, such as once a year or every few months.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exercise and Weight Loss

I am 52 Years Old and Female; Am I Simply Too Old to Lose Weight Easily?

No, you are never too old. No matter your age, if you consume less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. Most studies show a link between aging and weight loss. Still, the issue isn't just age itself or a slowing metabolism. In fact, decreased movement is the biggest reason for weight gain as people age. Even though females typically eat similar amounts as they did when they were younger, they tend to exercise less as they age.

How Can I Make Sure that I'm Burning Fat and Not Muscle During My Workouts?

Two main factors will contribute to you burning muscle instead of fat:

  • If your calorie intake is too low, then your body has no choice but to break down muscle for energy. Incorporating exercise and not cutting calories too low can help prevent this loss of muscle.
  • You use more muscle the longer your exercise session lasts. In continuous exercise lasting over an hour, muscle can supply up to 10 percent of the energy used.

Limiting muscle loss involves following a sensible, reduced-calorie diet and maximizing your cardio workouts by increasing the intensity, not just the duration.

South County Weight and Wellness: Your Partners in Weight Loss and Health

At The Weight and Wellness Institute, we offer tailored weight loss programs that include exercise evaluations. This way, we can help you stay on track and get the results you deserve.

Call our Cranston, RI, office at 401-895-9937 to schedule an appointment for a consultation and learn more about our exercise program services today.

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