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How Weight Management Programs Improve Weight Loss

August 31, 2023
How Weight Management Programs Improve Weight Loss

Do you struggle to lose weight? You’re not alone if so. According to a study in The BMJ, popular diets yield minimal long-term effects for most people.


Losing weight may be difficult for so many because a wide range of factors can influence a person’s weight, their ability to lose weight, and their ability to keep it off. Such factors include (but aren’t limited to) the following:


  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Overall physician condition and fitness
  • Cultural factors (as cultural factors can influence diet, lifestyle, etc.)
  • Age
  • Gender


None of this is meant to suggest that losing weight and keeping weight off are impossible goals. On the contrary, a weight management program can be very effective when it accounts for the variety of factors that may contribute to an individual’s weight loss struggles.


Specific factors a quality weight management program may account for include:



Medical Management

Patients will see a medical provider on an ongoing basis whil;e in treatment. This provider will help to monitor medical conditions, medications, laboratory studies and your overall well being while in the program 

Weight loss medication may be necessary to help some patients achieve their weight loss goals and can be considered as part of the program when indicated.

 Some medications for your medical problems may come with side effects that can contribute to weight gain. Working with a professional to evaluate and help manage your medications may play a key role in your attempts to lose weight.


Exercise ought to be a component of most weight management programs. Through proper exercise, an individual can burn calories, helping them shed pounds. Additional benefits of exercise may include:


  • Improved mental health
  • Greater ability to participate in activities that require physical fitness
  • Developing social bonds if one chooses to exercise with others


However, the right exercise regimen for one person may not be ideal for another. A strong weight management program will help a person sustainably commit to a long-term fitness routine by tailoring the regimen to their age, abilities, and more.


Exercise and fitness play critical roles in weight management. That said, according to a study in Diabetes Spectrum, a journal from the American Diabetes Association, exercise on its own may have a somewhat small impact on a person’s weight in the long run.


That’s not to say that exercise isn’t a vital component of weight management. Rather, exercise combined with proper nutrition is key to optimizing the effectiveness of such a program. 


Keep in mind that these factors complement one another. If you’re eating well, you’ll have more energy to engage in physical activity.

Behavior Modification

Struggling to lose weight can cause a person to experience psychological and emotional difficulties. Unfortunately, psychological and emotional issues may also contribute to the types of behaviors that sabotage a person’s weight loss attempts.


Addressing these struggles is a critical component of weight management. By getting to the root of their issues, a person may be more likely to consistently avoid the behaviors that have previously stopped them from maintaining a healthy weight.

Learn More About Multidisciplinary Weight Management Programs

At The Weight and Wellness Institute, in Cranston, Rhode Island, our goal is to help you and others manage your weight by developing custom programs that address all elements of your weight management needs. For more information about what we can do for you, contact us online today or call us at 401-895-9937 to request an appointment.


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